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Zimbabwe: Tshinga Dube Savages Zanu-PF for Protecting Cartels

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Former War veterans minister Tshinga Dube has rapped Zanu PF for suspending the Zanu PF youth league leaders Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu saying the party should not hinder young people from highlighting what they see wrong in the movement.

In a story published in the local daily, the Newsday, Dube said the named business people should have rather defended themselves than the party taking punitive measures against the duo.

“Personally, I was a bit disappointed that there is still some restriction on what people can say. I always have respect for young people who do something about what they think is not right. We should not hinder them from free thought.

“These people, who have been said to be cartels, are there. Let them defend themselves. Let them say we are not cartels. Let them say we have not caused any hardships on the Zimbabwean economy,” said Dube.

He added that the name business people including Green Fuel owner Billy Rautenbach and two others should explain their source of wealth and cleanse themselves.

“I am expressing my personal opinion not that of the party which I belong to. The so-called cartels should be given a chance to cleanse themselves and prove they are not as bad as the youths alleged. They must explain the source of their wealth,” he added.

Matutu and Tsenengamu were suspended from Zanu PF after they addressed the media and fingered three business people for bleeding the economy through corrupt dealings.

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