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Zimbabwe: Govt Confirms Infrastructure Damage in Binga, Chimanimani

by telegramnews
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An official from the Department of Civil Protection, Nathan Nkomo has confirmed the damage caused by heavy rains to infrastructure in Binga and Chimanimani.

The current rains have to date killed one person and destroyed 181 homes in Binga and while two bridges have been swept away in Chimanimani.

The damage to the bridge threatened the work of aid agencies who are still providing relief services in Chimanimani after Cyclone Idai hit the district last March. The rains have also slowed down road repairs.

In an interview with 263Chat, Nkomo said forecasts from the Meteorological Services Department indicate that more incessant rains were expected up to today (yesterday).

“Some parts of Chimanimani, which are still recovering from the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai, have so far received more than 50 millimetres of rain and if this continues, many households will be affected,” added Nkomo.

He also announced that the Skyline area, which was badly damaged by Cyclone Idai last year, had not been affected by the current heavy rains, and workmen from Masimba Construction were yesterday carrying out repairs to Chimanimani Village.

In Binga, Nkomo said the Rapid Assessment team had visited all the 13 affected villages and confirmed that 181 homes had been affected.

“Of the 181 homes, 37 of them were completely destroyed. Our relief and psycho-support sub-committee has availed 110 bags of maize and we have instructed them to assist in the milling. We will meet all the costs.