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Tanzania: Visitors to Face Tight Scrutiny On Entering Isles

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ZANZIBAR is working out on special arrangement that will subject all visitors entering the Islands to face tight scrutiny and identification to enhance security, the House of Representatives was told.

Deputy Minister of State, Second Vice-President’s Office Mihayo Juma N’hunga said the government is determined to keep records of all visitors to Zanzibar, irrespective of having undergone similar procedures on the Mainland upon their entries.

He said Zanzibar through Immigration Department has effective strategy to control entries of visitors in the country, saying all visitors are obliged to pass through government approved special entry and exit points.

The deputy minister was answering a question by Paje Representative Jaku Hashim Ayoub, who wanted to know the government’s strategy to curb the rising crime rate in the Indian Ocean’s semi-autonomous archipelago.

The backbencher claimed that recently Zanzibar experienced various criminal acts, including murders, armed robberies, gender violence, abduction and drug trafficking, blaming the dreadful trend mostly on foreigners.

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