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South Africa: Water and Sanitation Condemns the Dumping of Water Meant for Communities As an Act of Sabotage

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DWS strongly condemns the dumping of water meant for communities as an act of sabotage

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) strongly condemns the thuggish dumping and wastage of precious water meant for needy communities around Pongola in KwaZulu-Natal, especially as the country battles with the COVID-19 pandemic. The water dumped by the water tanker on Wednesday 29th July along the road was meant for the benefit of vulnerable communities who now have to endure hardship as a result of the irresponsible and criminal actions of rogue elements of society tasked with ensuring service delivery.

The Department appreciates and fully supports the swift efforts of the MEC for CoGTA in KZN to get to the bottom of this irresponsible, unforgiveable criminal act of sabotage, including as bwe have seen the curtailing of the service provider’s contract with the municipality.

The Department will not stand on the sidelines when criminal elements waste resources and deprive vulnerable communities of much needed water, especially during this critical period.

Water is life and as South Africa is a water scarce country, every little drop counts. No drop of water must go to waste, so such irresponsible and thuggish behaviour will never be tolerated especially as the country is still dealing with the after effects of a gripping drought that wreaked havoc on the country’s water resources. Such behaviour is retrogressive, especially during this dry winter season as all the focus is on the need to respond to the pandemic.

Communities continue to suffer, even with massive and serious intervention currently underway because of the actions and behaviour of such rogue elements that have ulterior motives instead of servicing the people. This is a pure sign of being inconsiderate.

The Department would also like to commend those who exposed such a criminal act and encourage the public at large to monitor activities of water tankers and report any corrupt and criminal acts to the authorities.

The public can also report such acts to the Department through the toll-free hotline 0800 200 200.

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