Home Business See how more people are making extra cash during this pandemic | The Guardian Nigeria News

See how more people are making extra cash during this pandemic | The Guardian Nigeria News

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See how more people are making extra cash during this pandemic | The Guardian Nigeria News

For most of us, this pandemic is the first time we’ve had to stay strapped inside for a long time, with almost nothing to do. But the good news is many people have found little opportunities to earn that extra cash while self-isolating. One way they’re doing that is through the GTBank Make Money service.

What is GTBank Make Money?
The Make Money service is a new offering from GTBank that allows you to earn commissions on airtime sales and/or money transfers to third parties.
Available on its 737 and GTWorld platforms, the service is completely online. This means that you, as an agent, can carry out transactions for anyone and from anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your home.

How to earn with GTBank Make Money?
Here comes the part you’re probably interested in the most. I’ll break down the whole process of making money with the service below.

Selling airtime/data
One way you can earn via GTBank Make Money is by selling airtime and data. By selling a minimum of N10,000 airtime/data, you will get a 2% commission on all transactions at the end of each month.
Considering the state of things right now, you can easily sell way more than N10,000. That’s because people are at home and spending more on airtime and data every day. You’re basically getting paid to make it available to them.

Sending Money
The dynamic for transfers is quite different. You can transfer money on behalf of anyone and to any bank at just N10 per transaction. The most interesting part of sending money via the Make Money service is that you can set your own transfer fee, ultimately increasing your profit.

Getting Started
Unlike other agent-based platforms, you don’t need any hardware installations to carry out your transactions. All you need is your mobile phone.
At the moment, you can find the Make Money menu on GTWorld and *737#, the bank’s mobile app and USSD platforms.
For GTWorld, you can get started in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Download the GTWorld App
If you don’t have the app yet, you can get the GTWorld App from your device app store

Step 2: Get your Login Details
After installing the app, click “Sign Up” to get your login details (User ID and password). This gives you access to your account on the app.

Step 3: Send Money
Once inside your dashboard, navigate to the second page and click “Make Money”. Then, select “Transfer”. Choose an account to debit and beneficiary bank. Enter beneficiary account number and amount. Click ‘Continue’ to complete the transaction.

Step 4:Sell Airtime
On the second page of your dashboard, click ‘Make Money’. Then, select ‘Airtime/Data Request’. Select airtime type (VTU or E-pin) and the account to debit. Finally, choose the preferred network, amount, and recipient phone number. Click “Continue” to complete the transaction.

Don’t have an internet-enabled phone? Simply dial *737*73# from your mobile phone and follow the prompts on your screen. It’s fast and easy!
So, there you go, you can now join hundreds of people earning extra cash with GTBank Make Money during this period.
For more information on the Make Money service, you can check this page here.

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