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Liberia: Malachi York Foundation, Others Contribute to Stop Flooding At School for the Blind

by telegramnews
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Monrovia — Dr. Malachi York Foundation (MYF) and others have constructed a concrete drainage around the Liberia School of the Blind (LSB) in Brewerville City. The drainage is the help stop the constant flooding on the school campus.

LSB Principal Mr. Jackson Sowah told this newspaper how grateful he is MYF and the other contributors he only referred to as “internal brothers, sisters and friends.”

The project, which is valued at U$550, is almost at the verge of completion. “I am so happy that at least one of the problems confronting this school, will soon something of the past,” Principal Sowah said.

He expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for always responding to situations affecting the Liberia School for the Blind.

“We have so far received US$400 and of this amount, a significant portion was given to us by the Malachi York Foundation. Since they were recommended to us through the Office of the Vice President, Chief Jewel Howard Taylor, we have lots of good news to speak about,” Sowah said.

He hopes that others will come in and donate the remaining US$150 to complete the drainage project.

LSB is a public school but due to the budgetary constraints it always experiences, philanthropic organizations and humanitarians have to always come in to help the school in its drive to educate visually impaired Liberian children.

“We are appealing to government to increase our allotment to this school. We have been receiving US$50,000 but that amount is not forthcoming in full any more. We know that there are challenges but to sustain the operations of this school, we need not less than US$100,000,” Sowah pointed out.