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Eritrea: Commendable Investment in Education

by Shabait
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Massawa — The investment made on education in Foro sub-zone, Northern Red Sea region, is registering commendable result in the development of teaching-learning process.

Indicating that the number of education facilities has risen from 3 to 40 and students’ school enrolment in the past five years rose by 8.5%, the head of education office in the sub-zone, Mr. Ismail Ali said that women’s school enrolment has also registered encouraging result.

Mr. Ismail went on to say that new elementary schools have been built in the administrative areas of Umle, Denenlo and Omar-Kabre and one kindergarten in Irafaile.

According to Mr. Ismail there are schools in 14 administrative areas in the sub-zone and praiseworthy effort is being exerted to eradicate illiteracy.

Document of the Ministry of Education branch in the Northern Red Sea region indicate that out of the 426 schools in the region 80% of them are in remote areas of the region.

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